IoT solutions

McKinsey predicts the IoT market will be worth $581B for ICT-based spend alone by 2020, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 7 and 15%.

Realizing the Internet of Thing’s (IoT) potential to reduce costs and enable new business models needs to start with a platform perspective that includes app development and integration. IoT is one of the most-researched emerging markets globally, with a specific focus on how Cloud Services and APIs will enable a faster proliferation of applications and the marketplaces that offer them. APIs will enable IoT projects to succeed faster and with greater accuracy by enabling more real-time integration points between systems.

We Offering

Sensor Selection & integration

  • Industrial sensors, industrial protocol, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Radio
  • Selection of sensors for system design

IoT Gateway controller

  • Sensor integration with gateway controller
  • Gateway programming as per applications
  • Customized gateway controller design services
  • Partner with Logic IO for Gateway controller

Cloud programming

  • Dashboard design
  • Data analysis
  • We provides Google cloud and Microsoft Azure to provide reliable and robust IoT solutions

Our Products

Industrial IoT
Gateway Controller

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GSM Modem

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